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How to use our green coffee capsules?

Simply use the Green Ring capsules the same way you would any other coffee cap. They work in all Nespresso® Machines. Unfortunately, they cannot be used in built-in machines like Miele, Gaggia, Saeco and Siemens, nor in machines with a capsule holder. Once you have enjoyed your coffee and it is time to throw the cap out, remember these aren’t no ordinary caps!

We recommend popping them in the organic waste bin. So they can be whisked away to an industrial composting plant. Composting at home comes with its difficulties. Finding the sweet spot where the microbes in your home compost pile can flourish can be quite tricky. The pros at an industrial composting facility can do this with ease, and in their hands, it will take around 12 weeks for the caps to decompose.

If you throw away your used capsules in the regular waste bin, then they may end up in landfill, recycled, or incinerated. In all three cases, the Green Ring coffee capsule will have less of an impact than the conventional coffee capsules. But to get the best out of our caps, put them in the bio-bin.

  • A healthier choice
  • Protect nature
  • Reduce waste

This is why you should choose Green Ring Capsules