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Each and every coffee capsule that carries the Green Ring is filled to the brim with handpicked Arabica coffee beans. Our trusted farmers harvest these organic beans from some of the finest coffee regions on the planet, like Brazil, Ethiopia, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras – just to do a bit of name-dropping.

Such high quality beans need to be treated with love and care. That’s why we take it slow when roasting, carefully adjusting the intensity and length of roast to complement each variety of bean. Sure that means that sometimes we are waiting around a little longer than your average coffee roaster (four times longer to be exact). But when it comes to roasting coffee, slow and steady certainly wins the taste!

Gently cool

After roasting, we leave our beans to gently cool – we never quench or freeze them. Only then are they ready to be blended, and swiftly transferred into air-tight containers, locking in all that goodness. Soon after, they are delivered to you in our plant-based (PLA) coffee capsules – now this is where the real magic happens!

Our plant-based coffee capsules are compostable, contain zero nasty chemicals, and feature a built-in oxygen barrier that keeps the quality and freshness of our coffee in, and the oxygen out. This means you get all the great taste, without worrying about the waste.